Giorgio Cattelan, President
The awareness of my limitations and my ignorance (lack of knowledge) allow me to enjoy all the small wonders of life. What would the lion be without the slimy and humble earthworm that rummages and regenerates the soil, making it fertile? Or what if we didn't have the small and insignificant bee to fly from flower to flower, bringing forth fruit and the sweetness of honey?

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Sieglinde Fauster Niederstätter, Vice-president
I love creative people, because their art reflects the spirit of the time while lending us humor and peacefulness; that is why I am willing to support them the best I can.

marzia chinaglia

Marzia Chinaglia, Councilor
"I dive into my thoughts and fly over the world" wrote Marc Chagall, the more realistically oneiric painter we have had in the Twentieth century. My thoughts do not last long, but the idea of flying makes me feel light. I would like to fly with a hang glider and look at things from above. I am not asking for too much. A green carpet is enough to make me happy. I heard that the French philosopher Henri Bergson spoke of "vital energy". My time is energy. Joyfulness is my strength.

Cristian Straudi, Councilor
Hegel said that nothing major was ever achieved without passion. I think that even the small, ordinary things can enrich our lives with fresh energy and reveal new perspectives if we act with passion and enthusiasm.